Free Toys have Zero Entertainment Value

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2220While at the pet-food store the other day getting yet another container of raw-meat snacks, I lucked out and had a coupon for a free toy (up to $7 USD value).  The assistant showed me all the toys that I could choose from for my darlings.  I passed up the small mice as they have lots of those.  I passed up any toy that had a jingly bell, as the cats are still scared of bells.  I passed up crackly balls, as we have plenty of those, and they don’t like hard-plastic toys at all.  I finally settled on a long log of a catnip-filled toy with a fluffy fake fur tail on the end.  My previous crew adored this type of toy and would kick and bite it with abandon.  It was one of their favorite toys.  Hence, I chose the thing, paid the difference, and brought it home all proud of myself for getting them something new and fun.


Alas, once I got it out of its package and tossed both toy and decorative ribbon to Mac, she immediately pounced on the ribbon and rolled and rolled on it. (It clearly smelled of catnip.)  However, the toy itself got a brief sniffing and that was it.  (How can she become crazed over the ribbon tied around the toy, but have no interest in the toy itself, I wondered?)

With slightly wounded pride, I brought the new toy upstairs to the bedroom and put it beside their kitty beds. So far, the best attention it seems to get is if I wave it back and forth, silly tail wiggling. The cats will make a half-hearted stab at the tail with their paws. However, no one so far seems to think the rest of the thing is worth the effort to kick it or lick it — unlike the similar but smaller toy their cousin got them weeks ago. The new toy must not have much catnip or very good catnip.  Harrumph!  Maybe it’s time I got out my needle and thread, opened a seam, stuffed it full of good potent “nippy” and sewed it shut. Then maybe the toy will get a bit of love.

Moral of this story?  If the human gets a free toy, the toy provides the cats with zero entertainment value.  Harrumph indeed!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.