Big Brave Bears

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2284Despite his size and alpha status, Caesar Tiger Bear is a bit of a scaredy cat.  He was the first of the kitties to come out and greet me on our first meeting, but he was the last who would allow me to pick him up (he still tries to avoid that whenever possible) and was the last to take up residence on my bed.  While he loves to come up next to me for pets and brushes, unlike the little kitties who climb on my recumbent form with abandon, he has long been reluctant to even put a foot on me.  I’m not sure whether he thought he’d be too heavy for me or what else he was thinking.  Eventually, he got brave enough to sleep on top of the covers between my legs (if I was on my back) or to cuddle up against my curled legs (if I was on my side), but that was the extent of his walking on my form.

Given his extreme trepidation to step, let alone walk on me, you can imagine my shock one morning a few weeks back when I woke up to find me laying on my side and him on top of my upper shoulder singing away. No idea when he climbed up but he was quiet and gentle enough that that wasn’t what woke me up.  Eventually he climbed down and I rolled over on my back only to have him come up and lie along side me so I could pet him. That was a remarkable breakthrough — and it only took 3 years to happen.


Having broken the ice by climbing onto me and living to tell the tale, his confidence has grown and almost every morning now I wake to find him lying on me somewhere. I find he often crawls up onto my chest until his face is quite close to my own. His magnificent ‘tashes (mustaches/whiskers) are what wake me up as they move as he breathes and tickle my face.  This morning I woke up to find both he and Fireball lying on top of me facing each other.  I reached my hands up to pet both of them. Of course, Caesar started washing my fingers with that rough tongue of his — that is until I did the unthinkable and started petting those gorgeous big paws (see that offended and slightly panicked look? <<She’s touching my paws again. How can I escape?>>).  And that was when the Baby Comet decided it was time for a tiger-boys wrestling match on top of me.  Who needs alarm clocks with such kitties!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.