Cuddles with Comets

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2287It’s been a brutally cold winter, so of course the Baby Comet has been my pillow pal multiple times each night. Of late he comes in for a visit at around 3 am and wakes me up by running up on top of me and chirping — sometimes with a toy and sometimes without. If I fail to rouse, he starts digging at my blankets, which is my cue to open them up so he (and a cold draft) can climb under and cuddle up against me.

If he’d just lay down and be done with it, I probably could go right back to sleep, but oh no, that’s not the way it goes. First he washes my fingers so hard I think the skin is going to be sloughed off. (Mind you they get terribly dirty lying between flannel sheets all night long.)  Then he stretches out along my arm and puts both front paws in my outstretched hand and starts to mix. That’d be very sweet and cute if he didn’t use his claws. I try to gently pet his paws in the hopes he’ll stop poking holes in my skin.  Sometimes I’m successful and he nods off for a snooze.  Other times he’s too charged up and has got to get up and turn around two or three times (inviting more cold air beneath the covers).  On one of his readjustments, he inevitably finds the kitty brush and starts loudly scraping his face across the wires.  (Ouch, doesn’t that hurt?)  If he’s especially bored, he might start attacking things lying nearby, or rubbing his face all over the library book I’ve been reading before falling asleep and am trying to keep in pristine condition.  If his brother or sister is in the nearest kitty bed, he’s got to stick his face and paws in there and see if he can get a rumble going.  Eventually, he gets bored again and leaves for more exciting things than a recumbent human can offer. Unfortunately, by then 30 minutes have elapsed and the human is wide awake tossing and turning for the next 2 hours.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.