And then there were Five

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2263Well, my dear neighbor and friend closes on her house tomorrow and shortly thereafter moves cross-country to live with her daughter.  She and her husband moved in the same weekend I did almost 21 years ago. We’ve lived side-by-side and shared laughs, tears, gardening, meals, house repairs, and lots of conversation for more than 2 decades. She was widowed a couple of years ago and her house and yard are really too much for her to care for now that she’s alone and in her 80s. Moving in with her daughter is absolutely the best thing for her to do, but unfortunately her daughter is terribly allergic to cats so she can’t take Corky and Pepe’ with her.  Today they are moving in with us. Hopefully WWIII won’t last too long and everyone will learn to get along and tolerate each other, if not become friends.  Here’s hoping and praying they do!



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