Day 1: Monsters at the Door

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2300Not an easy-peasy time at our house that first night.

All kitties were sequestered in 2 bedrooms during afternoon and early evening.  That seemed to go reasonably well, so the foolish human decided to let Caesar, Fireball, and Macaroni out of their bedroom so they didn’t feel like prisoners in their own house.  The first clue that this wasn’t such a great idea should have been when the Baby Comet, usually the most timid of kitties, puffed up his tail and howled as he passed the door. Even Caesar puffed his tail. Needless to say, there was a lot of attention being paid to the space under the door between Pepe’s and Corky’s room and the hallway.  I shooed the Terrible Trio away every time I saw them there, but apparently they went back all night long. Each time I awoke and heard howling or scratching, I shooed them away again.  Eventually I pulled out 2 plastic laundry baskets and stacked them up bottom-to-bottom at the door so no kitty paws were able to get through on either side.  At 3 a.m. I finally had had it and sent the Tiger Boys back to their bedroom. Unfortunately, that mischievous Merkitty got away and continued to harass. Needless to say, no one got very much sleep.

Poor Corky and Pepe.  Just like little kids, who imagine monsters living under their beds or just on the other side of their bedroom or closet doors, they can’t see the other cats, only hear them, so imagine huge and terrifying creatures that are ready to devour them. Only time and an eventual face-to-face meeting will convince them otherwise. In the meantime, there’s a whole lot o’ stress in this house.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.