Day 2: A Little Bit Easier

by Cat Crazy

Day 2 went a bit easier in this house.  I think everyone was so exhausted from the antics of the night before that they slept soundly. I know I did.  It helped that my neighbor and her daughter came to visit Corky and Pepe during the day. I think the new kitties felt a bit better. They still don’t understand why they’ve been moved, but they got to see their human so that made them feel much better.

During one of my own visits during the day, as I was going in and out of the new kitties’ bedroom, Caesar came to investigate.  C&P were well inside their bedroom looking out, and the Big Guy wasn’t close enough to come in, so I held the door open for a bit and all 3 cats got to stare at each other.  No one growled or hissed, which I considered a good sign.  Onward…


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.