Days 4 & 5: Bittersweet

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2306Tough few days.  My neighbor stayed here Thursday and Friday nights as the moving van packed all her belongings and took off on Thursday evening, and Friday was a house cleaning day before the new neighbors took over.  The Duo were really happy see and hear her after 3 days’ absence and got to sleep with her for 2 nights.  I appreciated the opportunity to get a few more hours to visit before she moved far away.  I was forever eating breakfast at her house all these years, so at last I got to be the one making and serving her breakfast before she left.

Last night I found an old screen door in the garage and brought it upstairs and installed it in the doorway to their bedroom so C&P could look around and see and sniff their new siblings and the trio could do the same. It wasn’t long before they knocked it over despite the barricades I built on both sides of the screen, which is flimsy. There’s nothing really sturdy to lock it in place.  This morning I tried the same thing and 30 minutes into seeing but not tasting freedom, they’d knocked the screen out so it was dangling over the barricades again.  After my neighbor left for the airport, I let them out of the room for their first taste of freedom since Monday afternoon. They had an hour to explore the house and meet the other cats. There were a few little hisses, nothing more serious than that. Mostly C&P wandered up and down the stairs and cried. Do they know their human has left for good? I’m incredibly sad, so how must they feel? Twenty-one years is a long time to live next door to people, be included in their lives (and they in yours), and then have to say goodbye. And if our animals age at 6-7 years for every one of our own, then it’s been 35 years’ worth of living with her for C&P.

After a few-hours break, I let C&P out again.  There was a physical passing in the hallways between Caesar and Corky and not even a hiss, though each headed in a different direction.  Corky was looking down the stairs at Macaroni as I went downstairs and that too seemed okay. The 4-leggeds all seem to be curious about each other having heard and smelled each other for the past 5 days. Hopefully they will all settle down and — if not become pals — at least learn to tolerate each other.  I guess I feel the same way as I watch the new neighbors moving in.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.