Days 6 & 7: Everyone Still has their Limbs

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2320Well, C&P got their full freedom late Saturday afternoon. Since things seemed to be going okay, I left everyone out on their own recognizance Saturday night and I’m happy to say when I awoke on Sunday morning, everyone still had all the limbs they were born with so that’s a good sign.  The Trio mostly watch from a distance.  The Duo mostly wandered around crying and getting into things.  A great many items got knocked from shelves or tipped over on the floor this weekend.  Were they looking for their human?  At least they are eating and drinking. Catnip seems to have lost its allure, but then it was a very stimulating day on Saturday.  Sunday seemed a bit easier and I managed to get out for a couple of hours to exercise and run errands.  Both groups of cats actually enjoyed snacks together Sunday evening without so much as a single hiss.  Perhaps there’s hope!



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