New Kitty Condo

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2326In anticipation of the arrival of the Duo, I purchased a new multi-level kitty condo on clearance hoping it would provide a way for various cats to get out of each other’s way.  Plus, with spring nearly here and weather finally warm enough to open a few windows, I figured they’d love getting up off the ground to check out the sight, sound, and smell of returning wildlife.

IMG_2327It didn’t turn out to be quite as tall as I’d hoped — silly me for not dragging out a tape measure and checking — so I moved it from the window downstairs where I’d originally planned to use it to the top of the stairs. (Once the plants go out for summer, it will go down in front of that window, which is always a kitty favorite, since it provides a good view of the lower deck and environs.) It took a day or so before anyone would get on it (perhaps owing to that new carpet smell), but once they did they settled in nicely. No one seems to like the top-most level, which is equipped with a soft fuzzy blanket but is more exposed.  Instead they seem to favor the middle level where, thanks to overhanging fabric from the blanket above, they are semi-hidden.

IMG_2328Not surprisingly, the Merkitty was the first to check out the new digs.  Here she is trying to hide from view of the hated camera.  However, the Baby Comet also has taken up residence in that middle layer.  To make more space, yesterday I moved the upstairs kitty condo from the middle of my bedroom to the doors that lead to the upper deck.  Mac and Fireball got so charged up and had so much fun jumping in and out of the condo last night that they almost knocked it over twice — and it’s mighty heavy and stable to be rocked by a 10 lb animal.  So much for letting the human get any shut eye.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.