Floodasaurus Strikes Again — Repeatedly!

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2401Well, only half filling the pretty green cabbage water bowl upstairs didn’t remotely slow down the Water Monster. No only was she flooding the guest bedroom every day, but she was continuing to flood the downstairs with the large elevated water/crunchy bowls. Finally the silly human decided to take action. First she moved the large elevated bowls, along with their rubber mat and dish-drying pad upstairs. They went to the room generally occupied by the Trio.  Next, the smaller elevated bowls and mats were moved from the Trio’s room to the room occupied by the Duo, and the pretty cabbage bowl came downstairs.  The upstairs flooding has decreased significantly, but the WM is continuing to flood the downstairs. That’s her handiwork above. The human doesn’t want the kitties not to have access to fresh water on the first floor, but she’s getting darned sick and tired of the daily downstairs floods.  What to do with a Merkitty!

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.