Tumbled Toy Box

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2426The human walked out of the “salt mine” (office) and saw Mac sitting on the stairs and looking up.  Pepe was further up the stairs.

Just above her, the toy box seemed to have been knocked down a step or two. It was sitting with its patterned side to the wall, opposite its normal position. Toys had spilled out over several stair treads and the box was actually sitting partially on top of one toy.

IMG_2425Mac immediately turned to look at the human and adopted “the face,” a sardonic glare that brooks no accusation. She was not going to admit to anything and don’t you dare accuse her of it!

IMG_2424The more the human looked at Mac, the more Mac copped attitude — it’s something she’s really good at doing.  It’s almost like she was saying, <<Hey, I just arrived on the scene and am as confused as you are by this mess.>> Since Pepe was not far away, it’s entirely possible she was right.

IMG_2423The human’s guessing someone went digging around in the box looking for a favorite toy and perhaps leaned a bit too heavily on a corner and over it went.  No harm done.  Toys were returned to their box, which was restored to its rightful place on the stairs. Cats wandered off no longer interested.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.