The Night Thief

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2430The lazy human ran some errands after emerging from the salt mine last evening.  And despite her inherent laziness, she decided to clean some stray wrappers, receipts, and water-bottle caps out of the cupholder in her vehicle when she came inside.  Of course, the laziness immediately overwhelmed her again once she emptied her pockets and fed the meows, so she left the little bits of this and that on the kitchen table for sorting and recycling tomorrow morning.  In the old days, that wouldn’t have been a problem.

This morning when the lazy human re-emerged from sleep and fed the meows, she found a collection of things on the floor.  Apparently the Night Thief had struck again, jumping up on the table and taking interesting items to chase around the kitchen. The human found a gum wrapper, the water-bottle cap, and a piece of crackly plastic that had previously held a hard candy had all migrated from table to floor. The human had also been cleaning various nooks & crannies in the kitchen and had collected a bunch of silica gel packets (used to absorb moisture and keep packaged goods dry) and left them on the counter. One of those was also being chased around the floor as well.

Now, the human didn’t see the actual stealing in action so I suppose it’s unfair to make accusations.  However, the most likely suspect is shown above.  Yes, it’s the Pepster.  What’s a human to do?


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.