Tails’ Tales

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2532For a variety of reasons, the human has blankets thrown over the railings on the upstairs banisters. One of the blankets is a quilt for a queen-size bed so is long enough to nearly touch the floor. That makes it the perfect hiding spot for kitties.  The human often walks by in the hallway only to spot a telltale bulge in the fabric and either a leg or a tail sticking out underneath.

IMG_2533It’s quite entertaining to watch other kitties walk by and sniff at the seemingly disembodied appendage, as Corky has just done here. Being the mean human that she is, the 2-legged delights in sneaking past the lump, walking down the stairs a ways, and then flipping the blanket up to reveal the formerly hidden kitty.

However, this time, the kitty outsmarted the human.  As the human snuck past and started down the stairs, apparently the hidden kitty popped out from behind the blanket and ran down the stairs behind her. Just then the human flipped up the blanket only to find no cat.  Of course, the owner of that tail, Pepe as it turned out, was by then grinning up at her from the floor of the living room.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.