It’s Morning!

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2603<<Wake up, wake up, it’s morning!  Time to refill our bowls and give us some love.  Wake up, silly human. Wake up!>>

Of course, as soon as the human leaves the bed, in rush the felines. It’s uncanny how they can be running around leaping all over the place until the human gets up. Then they head for her spot and stretch out as though satisfied with the results of their actions. Do they fancy themselves alarm clocks?

IMG_2605Of course, we have to have a few rounds of obligatory play where the human wiggles her fingers on or under the covers and the cats attack.

IMG_2607<<We indulge her desire to play with us by pretending to whack her hands. Does she really think we can’t tell the difference between her and real prey? We know it’s just a miserable excuse to play with our paws. So much unpleasantness to endure…>>


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.