The Very Last Crunchy

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2617Who knew Macaroni was such a cookie monster?  A few months back if I’d been ask who was the most addicted to crunchies, I’d have nominated the Big Guy.  While he definitely likes his food, it turns out that it’s the Merkitty who really misses having bottomless crunchy bowls upstairs and down.  She shows her disapproval that the upstairs bowl is empty in the middle of the night by hooking the pad on which the elevated water/crunchy bowl sits and pulling it around the room. Her technique is first to pull the pad 90 degrees from its original position, and then to pull it off the rubber mat and out into the room.  That’s often how the water bowl becomes overturned.  Or, sometimes she moves the elevated bowls themselves, as can be seen in this picture. (They were all lined up nice and proper before she got busy.)


Apparently what she’s trying to accomplish is find the last few crunchies that have inevitably fallen below the bowls and onto the pad.  Such a Merkitty!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own