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A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Month: August, 2015

Caught Red Handed — Again!

IMG_2525Pepe doesn’t even care about getting caught on the table anymore. It used to be that he had the decency to wait until the human stepped out of the kitchen for a minute or two before he hopped up. And when caught, he at least acted sheepish, like he knew he was some place he shouldn’t be.  However, those days are gone. The photo above was shot about a week back when the human stepped out of the kitchen for 5 minutes to put something away in another part of the house and came back only to find him curled up on the table like it was his favorite cat perch…and maybe it is. He no longer runs when he’s caught red handed. He just looks up as if he dares the 2-legged to say anything. In fact, it takes serious effort on the human’s part to shoo him off his illicit spot.


Last night the human came home with new crunchies, canned food, and snacks. Even though she carries their food into the house in the same fabric shopping bags she uses for her own food, it’s astounding how they just know that the humans is bringing them yum-yums. When the human literally moved 2 steps from the table to begin loading the canned food into a box she keeps under the kitchen sink (for easy access), Pepe jumped onto the table to see what interesting things might be lurking there.  Argh, cats!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Cranky Corky

IMG_2434Our little grey mouse has continued to be an exceptionally vocal and cranky creature in the morning. He definitely wants the human up serving food with sunrise. Maybe he suffers from low-blood sugar.  If he gets no action from the drowsy human, he leaps on whichever kitty is closest to him and bites that cat in the neck all while carrying on verbal chastisement of the lazy 2-legged who is playing with the snooze button on her alarm clock.  The only problem is, Cranky Corky is still rather rotund and the human has been admonished by the vet to take some poundage off him. Clearly, the little guy thinks that’s a really awful idea.

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

There is Still Food in this Kitchen and I want it NOW!

Pepe wants foodPepe just happens to have a splash of black down the center of his face that’s about 4x the width of his actual nose. It makes his proboscis look huge, and that’s symbolically fitting as he walks around sniffing the air during meals trying to discern if there is any extra food out that he hasn’t eaten.  If he finds any, he’ll do almost anything to get to it and snarf it down.

He has an endearing habit of climbing up the side of the human’s leg when she’s sitting down to eat a meal. She’s supposed to put down whatever she’s doing and grab a pinch of her food for him to sniff. Fortunately, nothing she eats is appealing to a discerning kitty palate. Would that the same could be said about cat food.

In the last month, Fireball has taken to eating meals by himself upstairs. The two biggest foodaholics, Corky and Pepe, literally bulldoze out of the way any cat that is between them and a food bowl, and that seems to have intimidated the little Red Comet.  Because he’s shy to begin with and skinnier than he should be, it’s important that he gets food — and plenty of it.  The human makes up plates for the rest of the crew, then tries to sneak a bowl upstairs for the little guy.  If she isn’t smart enough to do that while everyone is in the midst of the initial grab & gobble, then Pepe and his nose walk around sniffing at food left on the counter, table, or even the stove. (The human has learned not to leave FB’s food in any of those spots and step out of the room for even 2 minutes, as when she returns the food is gone.) And if she delays at all, both Pepe and Corky follow her upstairs and try to eat Fireball’s food even before he can eat it himself.  Meanwhile, there is still food downstairs that no one is eating.  Argh, cats!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Tomorrow is “Clear the Shelters Day” in the U.S.

IMG_2471A number of animal rescue and advocacy groups have gotten together in the U.S. to hold a mega-adoption event on Saturday, August 15 called “Clear the Shelters Day.”  What a great opportunity that is to find forever homes for so many abandoned animals.

If you have room in your home and heart for a new companion, please consider adopting from a shelter, particularly a kill shelter. You literally could save an animal’s life. And then you won’t miss out on moments like this!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Kitty Temper Tantrums or Splashasaurus II

IMG_2605Once upon a time, Corky was quiet as a little grey mouse.  He was regularly beaten up by his big brother Pepe, and only after lots of provocation did he tackle his brother and end the torment…at least for a short time. When he came to live here, he more or less abandoned his quiet mousy ways and has proven to be quite vocal and have quite the temper when he doesn’t get what he wants from the dim-witted human.  Take the other day for example.

We start the morning with kitty breakfast in the kitchen. The cellar door is usually shut and off limits. The house has a 165-year-old hand-laid up stone foundation that is damp and smelly and houses some bodaciously large spiders. It is not a pleasant place for the human, but seems to be a source of great interest and exploration for the 4-legged masters.  Hence there is always a battle of wills going on over whether the small cats can convince the tall human to open the door and let them have a kitty adventure. To reinforce their point, they like to push on the old cellar door, which moves beyond the point it should and then slams back in place. They’ve learned the human hates it when they rattle the door, so of course 3 or 4 of them line up regularly and head butt and sometimes body slam the door. The human tries ineffectually to put up barriers of chairs and boxes. Sometimes these slow the cats down for a bit but more often than not the weak-willed human eventually condescends to open the door. Life is just easier that way. Who can win against one cat let alone and against 5? Forget it!  Were the human wise, she’d just leave the door open, but remember the damp smell and the big spiders? So she likes to close the door. Of course, no sooner do the meows descend the stairs than at least one of them wants back up again. (The head butting, body slamming works just as well from the other side of the door. And so do plaintive cries.)

So, we start the day with the usual banging and clanging on the cellar door. The human, who knows she has a lunch meeting glances at the clock. Can we go through several rounds of up and down the stairs before she has to leave? She gives in and lets 3 of them down the stairs.  Up and down the stairs they go off and on for an hour or more. Before the human has to leave, she calls the crew up and gets 2 of them upstairs. She runs to lunch, then back to a busy afternoon at work that extends late into the evening. Finally, she knocks off and leaves the keyboard at 9:40 pm. She feeds the crew in the kitchen, then goes upstairs to give them their evening snacks. While not everyone comes down for dinner all the time, usually everyone lines up and cries plaintively for their freeze-dried raw meat snacks before bedtime. She does the kitty count and comes up short. She runs down to the first floor, opens back up the door to the screened-in porch, and turns on the light and goes looking for Corky. Not out there.  Argh, he must still be in the basement, so off she goes to try that location. Sure enough, up he comes complaining loudly.  He’s missed meals and he’s not happy. He gets his snack, he gets soft food left over from the first feeding downstairs, he gets pets and hugs and apologies. He is not placated.

He continues to yowl and complain off and on for the next few hours. His sister is up in the kitty bed at the window overlooking the driveway and he wants to be there. He doesn’t want to share, even though she would likely move over to accommodate him if he jumped in with her. She refuses to leave, despite his many visits and complaints. Finally, the human who is sick and tired of being woken up gets up and moves her to another kitty bed. He disappears and doesn’t jump up to the vacated bed. Miss Macaroni soon goes back to her spot.  Up he comes again and again to complain that she’s in the bed he wants. The human gets up again and picks her up and moves her elsewhere. This time she goes and retrieves Mr. Complaints and puts him in the kitty bed he so surely wants. He jumps down and cannot be coaxed back up.

The human tosses and turns. Suddenly, around 5 am she hears the terrible splashing sound that signifies that the Plesiosaurus is at the water bowl tossing water on the floor….except the Water Monster is curled up against the human in bed. The human sits up and looks. Sure enough, Cranky Corky is the culprit. That means that the Merkitty has an understudy. No wonder there are so many floods in this house.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.