Caught Red Handed — Again!

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2525Pepe doesn’t even care about getting caught on the table anymore. It used to be that he had the decency to wait until the human stepped out of the kitchen for a minute or two before he hopped up. And when caught, he at least acted sheepish, like he knew he was some place he shouldn’t be.  However, those days are gone. The photo above was shot about a week back when the human stepped out of the kitchen for 5 minutes to put something away in another part of the house and came back only to find him curled up on the table like it was his favorite cat perch…and maybe it is. He no longer runs when he’s caught red handed. He just looks up as if he dares the 2-legged to say anything. In fact, it takes serious effort on the human’s part to shoo him off his illicit spot.


Last night the human came home with new crunchies, canned food, and snacks. Even though she carries their food into the house in the same fabric shopping bags she uses for her own food, it’s astounding how they just know that the humans is bringing them yum-yums. When the human literally moved 2 steps from the table to begin loading the canned food into a box she keeps under the kitchen sink (for easy access), Pepe jumped onto the table to see what interesting things might be lurking there.  Argh, cats!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.