Cuddles & Bites

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2756The exhausted human took yesterday off from work, an unheard of situation. She was reading in bed with the the Little Red Bee while the Merkitty snoozed over on the kitty condo overlooking the upper deck. Eventually Fireball got bored with the human so decided to go seek out more intellectually stimulating feline companionship. He nor more than jumped across and landed on the kitty condo and started to lay down next to the Girly Girl than she started alternately washing his face and biting his neck.  Ouch, they play rough!IMG_2757After several minutes of such scuffles, the human braved the evil camera. Of course, as she sat up and snapped away, that startled the cats and caused them to change their positions.IMG_2758A few more rounds of biting and washing ensued before Fireball managed to completely turn over so he was facing the human.IMG_2759Eventually, they both feel asleep like this.IMG_2760

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.