Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Month: October, 2015


IMG_2830The human had a busy weekend. She had a big editing job with a tight deadline. But she also had friends coming over Sunday afternoon and the house needed cleaning. Saturday morning she was energetic and very ambitious, so after picking up after herself and the furry people once breakfast was done, she also turned the kitchen chairs over and placed them on the table so she could vacuum and then wash the floor. (It’s amazing what kind of mess 5 cats can make at mealtime.)  Unfortunately, work took longer than she’d hoped and she never got around to vacuuming. However, when she came out to feed the furry people and herself for dinner Saturday evening, there sat Pepe looking pleased as punch in the nice little cubby formed by HIS chair on the table.IMG_2835At first the human shooed him away, but he soon returned with the Girly Girl in tow. Then both tuxedo kitties, who are the mischief makers among the crew, were happily ensconced in the space formed by the underside of the chairs.IMG_2833While the human should have been shooing them off, as she doesn’t want any of them on the table, it was so darned cute that she did stop and snap some pics for the record. They, of course, hammed it up for all they were worth.IMG_2834A bit later she returned to the work cave to put in another hour or so and heard a crash. An investigation revealed that someone had gotten a bit too casual about hanging out over the edge of the upturned chair and tipped it two-thirds off the table and into the wall behind. The human straightened this, but found the same thing next morning when she came back down for breakfast. The house was properly cleaned Sunday morning, the floors were washed, and alas the fun chairs were turned right side up and returned to their normal spot, so that adventure is over — at least for a while.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

The City Kitties get a New Country Cousin

Juniper 2Meet Juniper.  Her new human, the niece of this human, calls her Juno for short, although Juni-Purr seems more fitting. (Who wants to be named after the cuckolded wife of the Greek pantheon’s worst philanderer even if he is the head honcho? (Projection!))

Juniper 1Juniper is a former shelter kitty and seems to love her new human and her new home. Welcome to the family, little fluff ball!  Wishing you a very long, happy and healthy life.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos by M. Ray.

Don’t Let Her Know You Hear Her!

IMG_2803<<Keep your eyes closed tight. Pretend you don’t hear a thing and maybe she will walk past.  Nope, darn, she’s made that squealing noise again. Out comes the evil camera.>>

IMG_2804<<Just keep your eyes closed and don’t move. Sometimes if you just ignore her, she puts the camera away and goes and bothers someone else.>>


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

How Being Cranky Pays Off

IMG_2802<<Don’t tell the human, but I’ve got her figured out. If there aren’t enough crunchies in the bowl, I know how to make more arrive. First I yowl. Then I jump up on the bed. If there’s another kitty person there, I bite him/her. If there’s no one small enough to bite, I jump on the human.  I start out purring, but if she doesn’t wake up, I yowl again. The minute she stirs her lazy limbs and exits the bed, I follow closely at her feet. That way I’ll be the first at the bowl. When she’s sleepy, she pours more in than when she’s wide awake.>>IMG_2806

<<In the afternoon, I go bother her in her work cave. I sit beside her and first I yowl. That usually at least gets me petted. If she doesn’t move, I jump up on her desk and walk on her keyboard. I’m not going to be as cutesy as the female. I don’t want hugs. I want f-o-o-d. The human is easily distracted, so if I can’t budge her, I send in reinforcements. If that doesn’t work, I go back in and start knocking things off any surface I can reach. That is the best way to get food. She hurries away from the keyboard then and attends to things that matter. ME!>>

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Bird Watching 101


Yesterday, while the human was breakfasting, 3 of the kitties hopped up on the boot bench and started tracking birds who were arriving at the feeders for their own breakfast. It was kind of dark so at first the human didn’t realize it wasn’t the usual “trio” that generally watches birds together on the bench.

IMG_2801It wasn’t until the human got the camera and started taking shots and zoomed in that she realized that Fireball (left) and Macaroni (middle) weren’t joined by Caesar on the right but rather Pepe.  He turned his head just right and revealed that unmistakable white bib. Got to love the start of day in this house!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Who’s Too Big for this Space?

IMG_2798Pepe is tied for first place as the biggest cat in the house. He’s just a bit differently shaped than Caesar, but he’s just as round and solid.  Of course, he doesn’t let that slow him down or inhibit any of his behavior.

IMG_2799For instance, as big as he is, he loves to wedge himself into the kitty condo down stairs.  This particular section is like a big box with 2 large curved “doors.” It’s fully carpeted, but the human makes it extra cushy by putting in soft fleece blankets, and Pepe clearly approves.


The problem is, the box is way too small to accommodate all of Pepe’s ample accoutrements.  Either the top half of his body sticks out, or the bottom half sticks out. He simply cannot fit all of him inside the little kitty-condo house. Nonetheless, he seems to enjoy peeking out at the world. In typical cat fashion, perhaps he thinks he’s hidden…at least until the annoying human comes by, sees his face peeping out, and has to start snapping pictures with the cursed camera. How’s a boy to get any rest around here?


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Couch Potatoes


It’s been very cold of late.  Worst still, the weather forecasters are saying we may have snow flurries by the weekend. Brrr. The human has fortified all the kitty beds and baskets, human beds, chairs, couches, and other favored spots with fleece blankets, much to the delight of the tribe. The furnace has had its annual tuneup, the wood racks are full of seasoned firewood (just in case), and almost all the plants that are coming in for winter are now in place. The colder weather has definitely brought out frisky felines, who have raced up and down the stairs and dragged out toys all over the house. They also have been piling into their usual strange positions on those soft blankies. There have even been sightings of Fireball with Corky and Fireball with Pepe curled up and sharing a nap together — will wonders never cease?  Here are the couch potatoes enjoying a wee bit of shuteye.

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


Toy (Box) Guardian

IMG_2796One of the human’s abiding joys is to walk down stairs each morning and observe which toys were dragged out of the 3 kitty toy boxes and distributed around the house during the night. In fact, some mornings walking down the stairs is a precarious exercise in dodging darting cats, piles of toy mice, balls of yarn, clear medicine cups, and clear glass marbles that have all been left either on the stairs themselves or all over the floor. This is even trickier when the human is carrying a big load of laundry or some other large object that partially blocks visibility.  It’s also interesting to see how deeply the furry people will dig down into the various toy boxes looking for a particular toy. Clearly they have favorites, and those favorites change from day to day, week to week, and month to month.

Yesterday, as the human returned from a break from the work cave, she happened upon Caesar sitting in the funniest position on the edge of one of the stair treads. His tail was up the wall, and one of his paws, presumably that had started off dangling, was now helping brace him / hold him up on the stair below.  Surprisingly, given how much he hates the camera, he held in place while the human ran and grabbed the camera and started taking pics of his antics. He’d been pretty feisty earlier in the morning, so perhaps he’d been chasing a toy up the stairs and just got tired and decided to take an impromptu rest.  Cats!

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Feisty Beasties

Big Mouser
The human had back-to-back conference calls for close to 3 hours this morning. Meanwhile, it was a rainy day and the temperature was plunging. It was warmer last night than it probably will be for the next 3 days.  Since it was warm when she got up, the human had the house opened up and the kitties had access to the screened in porch. When we have a rapid change in temperature, particularly when it gets chilly, the furry folks get feisty.  That means that while the human was listening to colleagues around the world talk, in the background there was the delightful pitter-patter of fluffy feet racing up and down the stairs, and the crazy moaning sound that always presages someone finding a cat toy and dragging it around on the floor.  (Thank heavens for the “mute” button.)

When calls were over and the human vacated the work cave for a few minutes, there relined the Big Hunter, crooning over not 1 but 2 toy mice he’d captured and laid outside the office door.  He graciously received lots of praise and pets for his hunting prowess.

Meanwhile, having already flooded the floor in the next room, the Merkitty found a clear glass marble — the new in toy.  After a serious round of batting and chasing, she lost the silly thing.  In a desperate bid to find out where it’d rolled, she literally turned back the entire corner of a large floor rug, which was now sticking up in the air.

Ah, life with carnivores!


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Seat Stealer

IMG_2765Pepe has become a skilled stealer of chair seats. Now it’s not like there aren’t 3 other perfectly good chairs pulled up to the table. In fact, the human usually is thoughtful enough to pull out the chair to her left when she sits down to eat so he can be near her and still chase the toy mouse tied to the top of the chair back. However, the moment she leaves her chair, the Masked Bandit is up and moving into her chair in a flash. Whether she’s gone for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, he stays in her seat until scooted out.  All it really takes is the human’s return, a tap or two of a finger on the other chair, and then the threatened lowering of a human posterior to make him return to his own spot.IMG_2767Macaroni likes to sit in the human’s lap when she’s eating or writing at the table. Or, correction, she likes to be held in both arms and cuddled when the human is at the table, rendering the human unable to either eat or write. Mac likes to be the center of everything.IMG_2768Pepe’s not like that.  While the human is sitting in her own seat, he is content to sit near her and chase the mouse dangling by string from the chair finial.  He also flips around and spins and spins until he almost falls off the seat.  It’s not like he can’t entertain himself.  However, he certainly does enjoy occupying forbidden territory as well.  Cats!IMG_2771

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.