Who’s Too Big for this Space?

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2798Pepe is tied for first place as the biggest cat in the house. He’s just a bit differently shaped than Caesar, but he’s just as round and solid.  Of course, he doesn’t let that slow him down or inhibit any of his behavior.

IMG_2799For instance, as big as he is, he loves to wedge himself into the kitty condo down stairs.  This particular section is like a big box with 2 large curved “doors.” It’s fully carpeted, but the human makes it extra cushy by putting in soft fleece blankets, and Pepe clearly approves.


The problem is, the box is way too small to accommodate all of Pepe’s ample accoutrements.  Either the top half of his body sticks out, or the bottom half sticks out. He simply cannot fit all of him inside the little kitty-condo house. Nonetheless, he seems to enjoy peeking out at the world. In typical cat fashion, perhaps he thinks he’s hidden…at least until the annoying human comes by, sees his face peeping out, and has to start snapping pictures with the cursed camera. How’s a boy to get any rest around here?


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.