How Being Cranky Pays Off

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2802<<Don’t tell the human, but I’ve got her figured out. If there aren’t enough crunchies in the bowl, I know how to make more arrive. First I yowl. Then I jump up on the bed. If there’s another kitty person there, I bite him/her. If there’s no one small enough to bite, I jump on the human.  I start out purring, but if she doesn’t wake up, I yowl again. The minute she stirs her lazy limbs and exits the bed, I follow closely at her feet. That way I’ll be the first at the bowl. When she’s sleepy, she pours more in than when she’s wide awake.>>IMG_2806

<<In the afternoon, I go bother her in her work cave. I sit beside her and first I yowl. That usually at least gets me petted. If she doesn’t move, I jump up on her desk and walk on her keyboard. I’m not going to be as cutesy as the female. I don’t want hugs. I want f-o-o-d. The human is easily distracted, so if I can’t budge her, I send in reinforcements. If that doesn’t work, I go back in and start knocking things off any surface I can reach. That is the best way to get food. She hurries away from the keyboard then and attends to things that matter. ME!>>

(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.