by Cat Crazy

IMG_2830The human had a busy weekend. She had a big editing job with a tight deadline. But she also had friends coming over Sunday afternoon and the house needed cleaning. Saturday morning she was energetic and very ambitious, so after picking up after herself and the furry people once breakfast was done, she also turned the kitchen chairs over and placed them on the table so she could vacuum and then wash the floor. (It’s amazing what kind of mess 5 cats can make at mealtime.)  Unfortunately, work took longer than she’d hoped and she never got around to vacuuming. However, when she came out to feed the furry people and herself for dinner Saturday evening, there sat Pepe looking pleased as punch in the nice little cubby formed by HIS chair on the table.IMG_2835At first the human shooed him away, but he soon returned with the Girly Girl in tow. Then both tuxedo kitties, who are the mischief makers among the crew, were happily ensconced in the space formed by the underside of the chairs.IMG_2833While the human should have been shooing them off, as she doesn’t want any of them on the table, it was so darned cute that she did stop and snap some pics for the record. They, of course, hammed it up for all they were worth.IMG_2834A bit later she returned to the work cave to put in another hour or so and heard a crash. An investigation revealed that someone had gotten a bit too casual about hanging out over the edge of the upturned chair and tipped it two-thirds off the table and into the wall behind. The human straightened this, but found the same thing next morning when she came back down for breakfast. The house was properly cleaned Sunday morning, the floors were washed, and alas the fun chairs were turned right side up and returned to their normal spot, so that adventure is over — at least for a while.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.