The Mamma-Fur Blanket

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3041One of the human’s friends gave her a lovely soft blanket a few years back.  On one side it’s got a soft, supple velour-type material and on the other side it’s an extremely soft synthetic shearling-like fabric.  Mac immediately claimed it as her own and it went into a kitty bed in the human’s work cave.IMG_0219Now that Corky and Pepe live here, the human decided the house needed a few more kitty beds, so she repurposed the office bed that didn’t get used very often and brought it upstairs and put it on the guest bed right by the window and filled it with fleece blankets. The bed was immediately claimed by Corky, although Mac and Fireball and even Pepe use it too to keep tabs on the wildlife on the west side of the property.IMG_2985Meanwhile the soft blanket went on top of the human’s bed and has been claimed by all the meows.  They climb on the blanket and start mixing and making all kinds of delightful sounds.  The human calls it the mamma-fur blanket, as she imagines it reminds them of nursing on their mothers.  Fireball is an especially big fan and has taken to sleeping on top of the human’s legs at the foot of the bed just to be on that blanket.  IMG_2987Pepe also is a big fan, especially when the human runs her fingers under the fabric and he can chase them.  Who knew such kitty joy could come from a fabric throw?




(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.