Bed Snatcher

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3036Mac and Corky were occupying the 2 kitty bed next to the human the other morning. Fireball and Pepe were lying on the mamma-fur blanket, and Caesar was climbing around the human and her pillow looking for pets.  Once he was happy, he sauntered off and climbed into the kitty bed occupied by Mac, who normally happily moves over and accepts a bedmate, but not this time.  IMG_3038She got up and came over and draped herself across the human. Once she’d gotten the required number of hugs and pets and kisses, she sauntered off and climbed into the other kitty bed with Corky.IMG_3037 You can tell from the look he’s giving how well that went over!  Just like Mac, he quickly got up and left the bed entirely. You’d think an alien lifeform had just invaded his home. Then again, she is the plesiosaurus so maybe an alien DID invade his home.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.