More Pillow Pals

by Cat Crazy

IMG_2980Fireball used to be the human’s pillow pal. He’d climb up on the pillow and literally curl around her face and head when she was sleeping.  IMG_2978<<Back in the day, this is what it was like to wake up and see a giant red face in your face. Scary monsters!>>IMG_2977These days, it’s so cold out that he’s been favoring an under-the-covers cuddle where he can stretch out the length of the human’s arm and lick the skin half off her fingers.IMG_3061However, not to be outdone, the Girly Girl has since taken over the job of being the pillow pal.  She favors an awake human in the early-morning hours. She loves to roll that soft but dangerous tummy up against the human’s face. While she doesn’t wrap herself around the human’s head the way the Baby Comet does, she definitely cuddles and does head-rolley somersaults that occasionally lead to her crashing down on the human’s face and giving her nose bleeds. (Ouch!)IMG_3062She also grooms the human’s forehead and eyebrows, and occasionally a bit of her head of hair with a vengeance. <<Soap and water are so much less effective than kitty spit!>>IMG_3059However, this morning the human got a HUGE surprise:  his Eminence, Caesar Tiger Bear decided to become a pillow pal for the first time in almost 4 years. He’s been on the pillow before…in fact, both he and Fireball like to climb onto it when the human isn’t there and slide down it (it’s a wedge). This time he climbed onto the pillow, lay down next to the human’s head, and assumed sphinx pose, stretching out those gorgeous forepaws. He also started to sing. The human, by then wide awake and thrilled to bits, reached up and stroked him. A couple of times she was foolish enough to wiggled a finger near the Caesar paws and was quickly rewarded with Caesar claws. He’s amazingly fast when he thinks something might be prey.  He stayed at least 20 minutes, which is an all-time record, as neither Fireball nor Mac ever stay that long.  When the human finally hauled her lazy butt out of bed, she did so with a huge grin on her face. <<Mustn’t do that too often or she’ll start expecting it of me.>>  


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.