Table Manners

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3047The kitties know they’re not supposed to get up on the kitchen table or the counters.  However, if they decide they want to get up there, they get up there even if the human is sitting right in front of them with her lower jaw gaping open (not an attractive look). Normally, she quickly regains her composure and shoos them off, but they just grin insolently over their shoulders as they depart as though to say, “we’ll be back!”IMG_3048The other day, the human was trying to have her breakfast while opening and sorting through mail she’d retrieved the previous evening.  She opened one particular letter and set it aside to remind herself to check on something.IMG_3049Pepe, who’d already had multiple rounds of play with his toys that are tied to the back of “his chair” and was sitting up watching the human (on the off chance food might appear). Suddenly, he inched his way across the table toward that letter and started sniffing and nuzzling it.IMG_3046He managed to move the letter all around on that side of the table as he explored its bouquet.IMG_3045It must have had some interesting odors, because he gave it quite the investigation, as you can see. (Perhaps someone had worked on it while eating lunch at his/her desk.) The human, too entertained watching to chase him down off the table, just took out the evil camera and started snapping.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.