Water Monster & the Fountain

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3136The human was slaving in the work cave yesterday when she heard a most interesting sound coming from the next room. It sounded like something heavy and hard was being dragged across metal. She immediately suspected a 4-legged and went to investigate.IMG_3137Alas, there sat the Water Monster on the back of the couch that is in front of the bay window.  In that bay window sits, among other things, a lovely but currently non-functioning fountain consisting of a large copper bowl filled with river stones and a round piece of slate that hangs over the stones. When the pump still worked, Amber the kitty used to lick the water trickling down the slate all the time, so the fountain constantly had a moss/slime problem. Maybe that’s what burned out the pump.IMG_3138Now busted, the Plesiosaurus turned and gave the human that “I dare you to do something about it” stare. Honestly, the human was laughing so hard, all she could do was snap a few pictures. Apparently,  all the water baby was doing was cuffing stones around inside the bowl. She apparently hasn’t yet graduated in deviousness to understand she can flip stones out onto the bay window’s seat or onto the floor, which was another favorite technique of Amber.IMG_3139Give her time, give her time!



(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.