Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats


by Cat Crazy

IMG_3147Okay, it only took the Water Baby 2 days to figure out that it would be exceptionally entertaining to lob stones out of the fountain and onto the floor. (Maybe she’s reading these blog posts after all….)

The human was in her work cave toiling diligently. All the furry people thought they should have dinner early.  One by one they came in to torment the silly human, who still was unwilling to get up and serve food so early in the day. Then the Girly Girl got it in her head that the one sure way to get the human out of the chair was to return to the site of her earlier adventures. After all, the human chuckled and took pictures of her two days ago. That’s no way to dissuade a cat.  IMG_3149Soon the human heard the distinct sound of stones being dragged over metal, then hitting the floor and bouncing. By the time she bounded out of her chair and arrived with camera, there were quite a few stones under the couch. Busted, the Plesiosaurus jumped off the couch and onto a specimen table.  The human got down on hands and knees (not quite proper obedience, but getting there!), picked up the stones, and laid them down on the table. Then she started talking to Princess Scoopy Paws about how it wasn’t a good idea to toss heavy stones onto the floor. <<Ha! Just watch me!>>  The Merkitty immediately began scooping and sliding stones along the top of the glass table. (Oh nooo!) Realizing what a dumb idea it had been to put the stones on a glass-topped table, the human returned them to the fountain and went back to the work cave leaving Mischief #1 without an outlet for her energies. 
IMG_3152M.K., not in the least discouraged, returned to the fountain and started chasing stones around in the bowl again. The human got up, camera in hand, and decided that the only way to end the fun was to cover up the whole fountain, bowl of stones and all. She found a kitty blanket that wasn’t getting much love and wrapped the fountain. Of course, that made it irresistible for the Water Baby, who returned to the bay window with her pal, Mischief #2 (aka Pepe).  IMG_3163Both investigated the mysterious brightly colored object that now was sitting in the window. Not to be outdone, M.K. started poking with face and paw trying to unfold the edges of the cloth. Sure enough, she did get one corner open, but not in a particularly accessible side of the fountain.IMG_3162She looked around. <<What else is up here that I can have fun with while annoying the 2-legged?>> She found a stone bowl holding some large stone specimens. She tried cuffing them, but fortunately they were too heavy to move so she lay down on top of the bowl to ponder her next move. Chess anyone?IMG_3160At last she got up and left the bay window. However, like the Terminator, the human is sure she’ll be baaack!



(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


One Comment to “Stoned…”

  1. Kim says:

    I love that last picture of Mac. So pretty!

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