Swirling Masses

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3129Confession time:  the feline overmasters are addicted to raw freeze-dried meat patties and nibblets.IMG_3130If the human could afford to feed them solely this product, she would, as it’s species-appropriate food that’s high in protein, contains no grains or legumes, is raw (so the enzymes are still in tact), is available in a wide variety of sizes and types of meat, and is easy to handle. (The company also sells frozen products that are very similar, but those require advanced planning as it takes 24 hours or so to defrost them and they are still cold when they exit the ‘fridge.)IMG_3131Since “a little raw goes a long way,” the kitties generally get some of this product at morning and evening snacks.IMG_3132They either get a couple of the nibblets each, or the human breaks up a larger patty and distributes it among the tribe.  IMG_3133As you can see from these pictures, all she has to do is put the jar down on the floor and the swirling bodies begin their dance. There’s always some sniffing action going on as well.IMG_3134What you are missing here is the sound of all their plaintive cries. It’s a virtual kitty chorus.IMG_3135They can’t WAIT to get their snack!  Hurry, human, hurry!


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.