Mamma-Fur Blanket #2?

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3180The human actually did something right yesterday afternoon.  She visited her favorite fabric store, which had fleece on sale 60 and 70% off. Yes fleece! She not only came home with some fleece to make herself a new no-sew blanket, but she picked up a remnant of this very-soft, loopy chocolate brown fabric that looks and feels like some kind of interesting fur. She laid it out over the two main kitty beds on her bed last night and then the fun began.IMG_3179First Mac hopped in, gave it a sniff, and started making one of those kitty grins.  She then hopped out and threw herself over the human.  Meanwhile, Caesar came up and hopped in, gave it a sniff, grinned, and started mixing and singing up a storm. Yes, it looks like the human has found another mamma-fur blanket.IMG_3184Then came Fireball, who hopped in with Caesar, mixed up a storm, and sang quite the song while submitting to a good washing from his big brother.  Pepe gave it a sniff and a grin, but didn’t get into the kitty beds, although Corky did later in the evening.IMG_3208Macadoodle then hopped back in, bit the blanket, and started nurse/mixing. Later she started chasing her tail, then Caesar’s, and had a grand time with 2 catnip toys before collapsing in exhaustion.  IMG_3196So, it would seem that the silly lower lifeform brought home just the perfect Valentine’s day present for the kitties. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun photos to add to the blog over the next few days as everyone explores the new fabric.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.