Cranky Corky Goes to the Vet

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3318The lower-lifeform, aka the human, was in the doghouse b-i-g   t-i-m-e   at the start of this week.

Cranky Corky came down with a urinary tract infection, and since those can be life-threatening to male cats if they get blocked, the human had no choice but capture the little guy and take him to the emergency vet service on Sunday afternoon. Good news is that while he did have a UTI, he wasn’t blocked.  (Bad news is it cost 2 hours and almost $400 to find that out.) Since returning Corky has been a whole lot less cranky…that is until he realized that he’d be incarcerated in the guest bedroom for a day or so while he recovered (Cranky Corky is lonely without friends to pal around with) and, when let out, that the cellar was off limits to all the cats (which led to some serious acting out by the whole crew).  Some days it’s just not fun being a human.

The other cats were all upset that Cranky Corky was in prison…so much so that his brother Pepe woofed his crunchies on the bookshelf in the hall. Caesar Tiger Bear made an incursion Sunday evening and barreled into the bedroom while the human was visiting Corky.  The 2-legged had a heck of a time getting him out, even after he saw that Corky wasn’t being tortured. Only plugging in the evil vacuum — which is far more evil than the evil camera — and starting to clean the rugs convinced him that it was time to get out from under the bed.

Next morning, Fireball, who stayed in the basement 4 hours longer than he was supposed to Sunday night (making the human have to get up and go try to coax him upstairs 4 times during an evening that was already stressful and unpleasant, spent 2 days in flat out rebellion when he learned that the basement was off-limits to everyone.

It’s very endearing that the cats care about each other so much. However, they clearly are far less enamored with the big clunky human.  Wonder what it will take to get herself out of doghouse this week?



(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.