An Interim Attempt to Keep Stones in the Fountain

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3237The Merkitty had been ever so pleased with herself that she had found a new way to annoy the human while the latter slaved away in the work cave.  The non-working fountain filled with river stones was just the perfect entertainment for a late afternoon when she really wanted the 2-legged to walk her lazy butt upstairs and dispense crunchies. However, after having the stones she’d so carefully lobbed out on the floor returned to the big copper bowl, and seeing the whole device covered with a bright blanket, the Merkitty had to find new methods of being devious. It took some work, but with the help of Pepe Monster, they both found ways to pull back the blanket and expose the stones. Soon the human was jarred out of her work trance with the sound of stones hitting the wood floor again.  The fountain is fairly large, and the old farm house they all inhabit isn’t so big and suffers from a paucity of closets and other storage spaces.  The human was therefore hoping to find a way to keep the stones in the bowl and the bowl in the bay window. Sure enough, the blanket was rolled back and the stones were flying out thanks to cute little scoupy paws.IMG_3240Covering the fountain back up (this time with only the base blanketed) proved a very short-lived victory, as the Merkitty quickly pulled back the fleece and started tossing rocks again. <<Gee, this is fun!>> Next the human re-covered the stones, but this time put some heavy mineral specimens on top of the blanket hoping they would prove too heavy to move and thus keep the smaller stones underneath hidden from view. Alas, it wasn’t very long before the Merkitty managed to uncover a corner of the bowl and started lobbing stones again. You see where this is headed, don’t you?


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.