Return of an Old Pillow Pal, Much Absent of Late

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3245Well, the human seems to be out of the doghouse again the recent refusal to let the furry friends down cellar for several days.  Case in point, the ferocious little Red Bee who had chastised her so loudly 2 days running has been the sweetest kitty imaginable now that his hunting privileges have been returned. First, he’s been playing up a storm with all manner of laser pointer, toy mouse, and pull toys. Second, the other night, after making several visits to the human’s chest while she was laying on her back, he returned once she’d flipped to her side and curled up around her face on the pillow again.  There’s just nothing like burying your face in that soft red fur that feels like chenille. The human was serenaded with a lovely song, while those cute feet kneaded her head of hair. This was the first return of this pillow pal since last summer. It was a happy reunion for all. He doesn’t look very scary now does he?


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.