Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

And More Box Babies…

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3392Speaking of boxes, the human picked up her parental unit a nice pair of boots on clearance the other day. The boots were housed in half of a long box (with no lid). The box was too flimsy (even if it had a lid) to risk shipping the boots home in, so the human gave the long box to the cats to play with while packaging the boots away in a larger box headed east.IMG_3401Interestingly, this particularly box was immediately claimed by Pepe Monster. It’s just the perfect size to allow someone of his length and girth to stretch out in. Perhaps the high sides make him feel like he’s hiding from the other cats.  It’s also just the right size to chase toys around in, something the human quite quickly grasped. Off she went to retrieve a clear marble she’d found on the floor and tossed it into the box. Pepe dove and lunged and chased the clear marble all over the box having a grand old time with it. That is, until the Merkitty showed up to see what was going on. She stood outside the box and checked things out while he reclined for a bit of well-earned rest.IMG_3398It wasn’t long before she started putting those devilishly clever paws of hers to work. She soon was scooping and tossing the marble up in the air and quite quickly launched it out of the box. Fortunately the human was right there the first time it happened so retrieved the marble and returned it to Pepe and the box. IMG_3399Back went the Merkitty, and soon the marble was released from its prison and was being chased madly across the kitchen floor. It took less than 2 minutes for Mac to lose it under the corner cabinet, where it likely will be lost until the human finally decides to move.IMG_3400Looking for other toys, the human tossed in a pen cap, which Pepe thoroughly trounced. Then she tossed in one of his toys that is normally tied to his kitchen chair. That turned out to be great fun as on one end he could chase the catnip-filled worm and on the other end a nice long cord.  The human, keen to please her captors, has introduced all manner of small and large balls and other chase-able objects over the last week, but most don’t seem to enjoy the interest that the marble and pen cap got. Nonetheless, Pepe is still cavorting in his box, much to the interest of the other cats. The human hasn’t seen anyone else actually climb in, although the fishy one does like to stick her paws in and see what trouble that brings.

So after years of having no interest in boxes of any kind, the human has lucked out and found 2 in the past 2 weeks that pass muster.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


2 Comments to “And More Box Babies…”

  1. That’s quire a schnoz. Wanna pet.

  2. walksoftly says:

    He does look like he has a big nose with that black color splash down this face, but his nose is the normal size. It also is extremely sensitive and can sniff out the tiniest whiff of food no matter how carefully the human hides it!

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