by Cat Crazy

IMG_3410The online dictionary defines stubborn  as “having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.” That’s Corky!

We had another visit to the vets about 2 weeks after the first one for yet another urinary tract issue. While he fortunately didn’t have an infection this time either, the vet and the kitties’ human finally figured out a probable cause of his unhappiness.  He is so anxious to get down into the cellar every morning and hunt, that he can’t be bothered to eat his breakfast. Then he spends a large part of the day down there, and only comes up for dinner, at which point the cellar door is closed again.  He’s simply not getting enough fluid in his body.  Since cats don’t have a strong sense of thirst like dogs and 2-leggeds, he doesn’t drink enough when he’s upstairs at night to keep his urinary tract happy and healthy. To keep him healthy and avoid having to spend $350 every couple of weeks, it’s imperative to keep Corky properly hydrated.

Given this, it’s become a daily struggle for almost 2 weeks to get Corky to eat his breakfast before he gets cellar privileges. As his pics will attest, it’s certainly not that Corky doesn’t like to eat.  The emergency vet categorized him as obese. (Ouch!)  So the deal is every morning the cellar door stays closed while everyone scarfs down their breakfast. In all but one instance, Corky has refused to eat, but has body-slammed the cellar door while whining and yowling up a storm to let the human know he wants downstairs NOW! The human has to pick him and his breakfast up, walk upstairs to the guest bedroom, shut him and his food in for an hour or two, and wait for him to eat. Once she comes up to visit and give him some hugs and pets, he eats his food, and then is freed. Given how habitual cats are, you’d think he would figure out that if he’d just eat his breakfast instead of sassing the human, he could go play an hour or two sooner each morning, but oh, noooo!


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