Only the Platypus Knows

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3420The other day, after going through a hour of trying to coax Corky to eat his breakfast so he could go play in the basement, and after he ate most of his meal, the human freed him. Before going back to her work cave, she decided to move his food bowl up onto the bed to try and keep the worst offenders in the food-scarfing department from eating the rest his meal.  IMG_3421Later in the day, the human walked upstairs to do a kitty count (critical before shutting the cellar door for evening) and pick up dishes. She found this cute little catnip toy in Corky’s food bowl. Not sure which cat decided to put his/her toy in the bowl after eating the rest of Corky’s meal, but someone sure did. I guess only the platypus knows for sure and so far he’s not telling.




(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.