Finally, A Decent New Toy

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3419The human finally scored a few points with her feline captors the other day.IMG_3415She’d been in her favorite pet-food store and found some cute feather wands comprised of lush curly iridescent feathers, brightly colored tinsel, and a tiny bell attached to a long plastic stick.  The wands were on clearance, so she bought two.  IMG_3417As you can see from the pics, the wands are a hit both upstairs and down.
IMG_3412And did you hear mention that there are bells attached to both wands? You may recall that bells are normally a no-no in this house.IMG_3411 However, for some reason, the bells on the wands don’t scare anyone, and the feathers are proving very entertaining for everyone except Fireball (who used to be completely feather obsessed) and Corky (who always has better things to do than be social with the other cats).



(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.