Three’s Company

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3477The other morning, Caesar moved down to the foot of the bed and stretched out parallel with and to the right of the human’s legs.  Pepe, who was sitting on the human’s abdomen at the time, decided he wanted a change of scenery and moved down to join Caesar.  He lay down pretty close to and parallel with the Emperor but to the left of the human’s legs. By then the human was sitting up and searching for her mobile phone.IMG_3478Next, Fireball came bounding across from the kitty bed on the nightstand by the window.  He literally bounced once on the human and then sauntered down to join the Big Boys. Interestingly, he ended up wedging himself in between Pepe and Caesar in a snug fit. That’s the kind of thing Mac does all the time, but Fireball usually doesn’t.  The human was so entranced with this row of kitty bodies that she was up shooting the trio from different angles.  They stayed like that for about 15 minutes and then went off to their various perches awaiting the slow human to serve breakfast.IMG_3480


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.