Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

New Entertainment Box

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3514The kitties lucked out a couple of weeks back when the human happened upon a nifty entertainment box on clearance at a store she was in.  It’s just a cardboard box with 3 big holes on each side, a sisal scratching surface on top with a funny little sisal-wrapped ball plus feathers attached to a long stiff spring that in turn is pressed into the top of the box. Inside the box (accessed through the holes on the side) is a sisal-wrapped ball that the cats can bat around and pull on, but don’t seem to be able to pull outside.IMG_3519Needing to make up for having offered several bags of cat crunchies that did not pass the kitty taste test, the human brought the box home and set it down on the floor. Pepe and Corky were the first to try it out.IMG_3521They enjoyed sniffing the new catnip supplied by the manufacturer to cover the scratching surface on top of the box. They also used their faces and paws to push around the funny little ball mounted to the spring that sticks straight up from the center.
IMG_3525Pepe was the first to discover the holes on the side and set to work trying to figure out what was in there.IMG_3527Macaroni showed up shortly thereafter and took over the box — quite literally!IMG_3530She climbed on top, pushed the others out of the way, and scratched her way to contentment.  She also forcefully attacked the ball-on-spring in the center.IMG_3533Caesar and Fireball showed up before long, but they couldn’t get much action on the play box because the Merkitty wouldn’t let them.IMG_3534Not long after, they wandered off to do something else.IMG_3538Before long the human noticed that one of the cats had broken the springy thingy in the center. They’d had the toy for less than 15 minutes at this point. Fortunately, an overnight application of some tough glue solved that problem and the gadget was back better than ever the following day. (Pepe says he didn’t break it but was just letting the human know that someone else with a B&W coat did the dirty deed.)IMG_3518Since then the box has been moved to their cat tree. The human wanders by once or twice a day and stuffs new items into the holes.  She then waits to see how long it will be before Mac and Pepe and perhaps others fish around inside the box and pull out the toys.  So much fun for $8 USD.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


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