Too Good to Behave for Very Long

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3503The non-functioning slate & copper fountain in the living room had already been trashed by Mac.  The stones were gone, the bowl was emptied, but the fountain was still sitting where it had been before she discovered this entertaining diversion.IMG_3504The other day, the human was cranking away on the keyboard in her work cave when she heard that awful sound of metal plates being moved around. She tiptoed into the living room with her camera in hand. Sure enough the Merkitty was busy at work in the fountain.IMG_3505She’d discovered that the small flat plate on top could be moved around. What fun!  And she had an audience to boot.IMG_3506A bit of work with the clever paws and pretty soon she figured out how to move the round “collar” underneath out of the way as well.IMG_3507<<You have an issue, human?>>IMG_3508The collar hid a plastic tube that used to hook to the water pump.  She decided she HAD to get that tube out and investigate.IMG_3509The evil human nabbed the clear tube as soon as the Merkitty had excavated it. It was just the right size to bite and run around with, and possibly to swallow. After $1000 USD of vet bills in one month, the human had had enough unexpected expenses for a while.IMG_3510The Merkitty went back to her digging.  The human put the flat plate on the bottom of the big bowl and the collar on top of that. While it was harder to move the pieces around now, the Watery One was not discouraged so easily.  IMG_3511Those clever little paws are just always up to no good! Besides, the pieces still moved and that was good for messing with the human.IMG_3512Eventually, the fun wore off and the Merkitty climbed into the fountain to see what fun that would bring. The slate piece slammed down and the bowl tipped up on its side. That made enough racket that she scooted away and the human ran out once again to see if she could fix the fountain.IMG_3513So far so good:  there have been no return visits since the fountain ended up on its side. The human knows better than to think that will last, but at least for now it’s quiet again.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.