Morning Adorableness

by Cat Crazy

IMG_3582<<The human is walking by. Stop, human, stop! I want more pets! I want to play some more.>>IMG_3585<<She’s actually getting away. I need to strettttttccccchhhh and touch her. Then she’ll see how cute I am. Am I losing my magical touch?>>IMG_3586<<No, look at that. She’s got the camera out, so she must be paying attention to moi! Now to bask in the glory…>>
IMG_3588<<I can’t believe she’s walking by. Look at my cute tummy. It’s soooo soft. Blow on my fur in that annoying way you do, human!>>IMG_3587<<Now that I’ve got your attention again, there are some things we need to discuss….>>IMG_3589<<Waaaaiiiitttt! What do you mean you’ve got to get going?  What’s the hurry when you have me to adore?>>IMG_3590<<Don’t you dare make me roll over and beg. Do you think I’m a dog who abases himself daily for your affection? I have my pride!>>IMG_3591<<You do know you’re going to pay for this later today, right?  When you want some attention yourself and seek me out, I’m going to have better things to do, just you watch. Don’t you know how emotionally destructive it is to make a cat beg?>>IMG_3592<<Hey! Do you even care what psychological suffering this causes me? I need your attention and I need it NOW! I don’t care if those other cats are hungry and you are too.>>IMG_3593<<This is it, it’s your last chance for redemption…make the most of it while it’s available.  Argh!>>


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.