Suspended Animation

by Cat Crazy

img_3870 A couple of years ago, the human found the cutest little kitty hammocks  that attach to the underside of chair legs or small tables. They feature rip-stop nylon fabric on one side and fleece on the other. Four ties extend from the basic square hammock and each tie features a tough rubberized material sewn to rip-stop nylon straps on one side and heavy-duty Velcro-type fabric sewn on the other so they can be attached around the legs of furniture without slipping or leaving marks. Better yet, they are completely washable, although getting kitty fur off fleece or anything else does require some extra effort.  And since they are under chairs, they’re not immediately visible, so for the feline nation, it’s a great hideaway — at least from the silly human and her annoying camera.img_3871Usually it’s the smaller kitties like Fireball and Macaroni who hang out in the hammocks, which of course have extra layers of fleecy fabric on them.  However, one day recently the human walked by and found the Big Guy swinging in the wind.  Fortunately, he only tips the scale at about 18 pounds at the moment, as the hammocks do have a 20 pound weight limit.  However, it was nice to see Caesar Tiger Bear getting to have a little fun as well. Perhaps he was trying to hide from his little red “brother,” Fireball, who follows him everywhere.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.