A NEW Mama-Fur Blanket

by Cat Crazy

img_4094The human’s friend gave her some gifts for the kitties:  a bag of corks and a piece of Berber fabric (which she’d previously used to sew cat and dog beds).img_4090When the dim 2-legged got home, she tossed all the corks out on the floor and waited expectantly to see if anyone could be coaxed into playing with them. Fat chance!img_4091However, when she put the fabric on the floor . . . well, you can just see how that went over.img_4093Clearly, the fabric arrived with some interesting scents.img_4095And the kitties were keen to explore this new object.img_4096Later, the human draped it across the bottom of the bed. The kitties have been taking turns laying on it, mixing and singing up a storm. I think we’ve found another Mama-Fur blanket!img_4097Oh, and the corks? They’re starting to get some attention, but only at night when the human can’t see the cats playing.


(c) Copyright 2017, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.