The Failures of Sandy Claws

by Cat Crazy

img_4066This year, Sandy Claws and the human were just awful at finding gifts the kitties would enjoy.

The human proudly presented the 4-leggeds a collection of 7 (fake) fur mice. Half of them actually had feather tails.  No go!

The human bought them a new can of organic catnip, since the fresh stuff is frozen solid outside. Organic did you say? No go!

She bought a second can. Still no go!

The human passed along a bunch of corks from a friend and then spent days rolling and bouncing them across the floor to try and interest the cats. No go!

She even bought them a draft snake (cedar-shavings filled long tube that’s normally put under drafty doors to keep the cold out but in this house is placed in front of the stove, the black hole that swallows cat toys on a daily basis). They sniffed it cautiously, but so far aren’t saying anything.

What DID they like for the holidays?img_4036The crackly paper from a box.

The ribbons from another box.

The smells on a third box.

The blanket the human got as a gift. <<It’s REALLY soft.>>

Pen caps and wrapped candies and fortune cookies stolen from the table.




(c) Copyright 2017, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.