The One Toy the Cats will Play with from Christmas

by Cat Crazy

img_4020It was part of a 2-pack of clearance squeaky mice for $2 from a discount store. The adorable little fake fur mice have Santa hats and a battery-operated squeaker inside. If you move them, they squeak. (The human found this out the hard way when pushing the shopping cart around the store before she checked out.)
img_4022One of the toys ended up in each bedroom. They’re getting a lot of action. Mac in particular loves to jump into a kitty bed and kick the kazimmies out of one of the mice every single night . . . several times every single night in fact.  The human is hoping for a greatly decreased battery life.img_4021Still, they seem to cuddle with these mice in ways they don’t cuddle with any of the other ones. (No, this isn’t a posed shot. They actually seem to sleep with these mice between their paws for some reason.)

Cats . . . who can figure them?


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