Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Who’s There?

by Cat Crazy

The human walked through the living room and something caught her eye that didn’t seem right.  She couldn’t immediately put her finger on it but there was something strange in her field of view. Upon closer inspection, she saw the tips of a pair of ears.  As she drew closer still, she spied a pair of eyes.  That’s Fireball looking like he’s ready to pounce…or run and hide.  You just can’t make up stuff like this.



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


2 Comments to “Who’s There?”

  1. Kim says:

    You are being stalked!

  2. Cat Crazy says:

    Or more likely, he thinks I’m stalking him!

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