Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Month: January, 2019

Morning Treats

While it’s lots of fun tossing treats to the meows and watching them chase them around on the floors, sometimes they just stare at the human blankly like they can’t figure out what in the world she is thinking. Mac, especially, will see a treat centimeters in front of her but be unwilling to edge forward and pick it up. If the human doesn’t slide it right up next to her, the treat remains uneaten. Putting individual treats in front of each cat not only makes a mess but it also takes time. Let it be mentioned that the morning treat is given just to buy time for the human to get the soft cat food prepared and divided into dishes before the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins. To keep the floor tidier and to reduce the chance the human will step on a treat and grind it into the rugs, the human has begun doling out the morning treats in a dish. That way the cats can take what they want. They still drag pieces off and leave them partially chewed on the rug, but at least there is less mess to clean when they are done. As you can see from these pics, they’ve been enjoying the novelty of noshing on treats from a dish with their peeps.


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Blanket Sculpting Culprits?

Initially it was Fireball playing architect with the kitty blankets. Then Mac got involved sculpting fleece in the kitty beds too. When the human’s own blankets starting getting the treatment, the human suspected them. However, it’s always Pepe alone or Caesar and Pepe that the human finds in the blanket cave made with her bedding. Perhaps a third architect is now at work sculpting. 



(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

New Architectural Wonders

Interestingly, the human’s own bedding has been getting the architectural treatment of late. Although the human is very diligent about making up her bed as soon as she gets out of it in the morning, a few hours later when she walks upstairs, she’s been finding this kind of structure. It would appear that one of the kitties is making a kitty cave out of the human’s own blankets.  As you can see, this kitty cave is adjacent to another of the kitty caves made from layers of fleece in one of the kitty beds. There’s always something new and interesting going on in this house.



(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Changing Architectural Styles

In the beginning, when the blanket sculptor struck, he or she left layers of blankets sticking straight up in the air.  The architectural style seems to be evolving, as more recently the pattern has shifted to little domed structures like those shown here.  Do you suppose this represents a different exit strategy from the blanket pile or is it that there is a second architect now at work creating structures?


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to the Litterbox Alone

As we so often see in this house, the toy mice are more than happy to accompany their kitty companions just about anywhere in the house.  For example, the other night the human found a beige mouse outside the big litterbox.  Maybe this behavior is related to the fact the human is not allowed to use the bathroom or the shower without at least a couple of kitty visitors arriving to keep the two-legged company.  On the other hand, the kitty bathroom visitors never bring along a toy for the human to play with. Harumph!


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

You aren’t Seriously Going to Bother Me, are You?

This is Fireball, the kitty architect, in one of his little caves made by rearranging fleece blankets…



(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

A New Wobbly Toy Makes its Appearance

Kitty Klaus brought the meows a collection of new toys for Christmas.  They got 7 new toy mice and they got another wobbly toy. The base of this one is taller and wider than the one they received last summer and it’s green instead of blue, It’s topped with a long tube that has a feather at the top rather than the suede pads on the other toy. If they aren’t paying attention, the feather swings back and forth and will actually gently tap the kitties if they don’t whack it or step out of the way. Therefore, it’s a far more annoying toy than the smaller blue one, and therefore it’s been getting a lot of attention from the meows.This one also has two speeds, although it doesn’t seem to have the nifty feature that turns it off after 10 minutes of use. The kitties have been having fun chasing it. Pepe and Corky are the primary users, although the other three give it a cuff from time to time. Pepe has already figured out how to beat the system. He’s learned that if he just knocks the long tube over and holds his paw on it for a bit, the wobbly base will effectively unscrew itself from the tube and the feather.  How clever is that?



(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Help with the Mail

Pepe is just such a helpful kitty.  During the lead up to the holidays, the human got all her presents purchased, wrapped, boxed, addressed, and ready to mail to friends and family. Foolishly she preassembled too many Priority Mail boxes, then had to set them aside when gifts didn’t fit or the boxes weren’t needed. (They’ll get used shortly for other outgoing packages.)  At one point in the assembly process, the human lined the boxes up next to each other on the floor.  The Merry Pepster came along and pushed the first box over, which knocked down the other boxes like dominoes. The human laughed and stood them up again. The Pepster laughed and knocked them over again. This time he climbed on top of the boxes and explored them further. Although the human continued to be amused, this time she removed the boxes and put them out of reach of mischievous kitties.



(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.