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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Meowsers

<<We shall not mention the fact that the bad human has been working too much of late and has completely neglected the blog.  (She interjects that we should clarify that she has not neglected us — which is true.)  However, we wanted to let our fans know that we have continued to do cute and funny things, many of which the human has photographed. Just as soon as we get her back on the program, you’ll learn all about our adventures. In the meantime, we’re wishing you all the love and cuddles you can stand from your own furry friends. Don’t forget that they would like some special snacks just like us! (hint, hint)>>


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Morning Treats

While it’s lots of fun tossing treats to the meows and watching them chase them around on the floors, sometimes they just stare at the human blankly like they can’t figure out what in the world she is thinking. Mac, especially, will see a treat centimeters in front of her but be unwilling to edge forward and pick it up. If the human doesn’t slide it right up next to her, the treat remains uneaten. Putting individual treats in front of each cat not only makes a mess but it also takes time. Let it be mentioned that the morning treat is given just to buy time for the human to get the soft cat food prepared and divided into dishes before the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins. To keep the floor tidier and to reduce the chance the human will step on a treat and grind it into the rugs, the human has begun doling out the morning treats in a dish. That way the cats can take what they want. They still drag pieces off and leave them partially chewed on the rug, but at least there is less mess to clean when they are done. As you can see from these pics, they’ve been enjoying the novelty of noshing on treats from a dish with their peeps.


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Emperor Continues to Snooze

Caesar Tiger Bear loves to climb under the blankets with the human, who is expected to tent her knees and keep them bent for 20 minutes or more without moving. He lumbers under the covers and lays on her feet and sings himself to sleep. Once in a great while, when the humans decides to get up but the Big Guy isn’t quite ready to depart the bed, he stays under the covers and the human manages to extract herself from blankets and kitty without disaster. This is what the human found the other morning after she’d departed the bed. The big guy was still laying under the covers with his favorite toy, a green chinchilla.  Unable to resist, the bad human grabbed her camera and started snapping pics. Meanwhile, the Emperor opened his eyes and implored her to leave him the heck alone.  The human complied.


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Kitty Colds

Okay, the human has an excuse for the lack of posting and it’s not just that the holidays were fast approaching and so were a bunch of year-end work deadlines.  The Penta Pack has been passing around a kitty cold for weeks. Fireball caught it first and got over it in 4 or 5 days, but not before he gave it to Pepe. Pepe got a nasty upper respiratory infection that required a trip to the vets for an antibiotic to clear his sinus infection. Before he finally cleared it, he passed it over to Mac, who got a miserably runny eye.  In her case, the human has had to medicate her eyes multiple times a day for 10 days, which with that wily little kitty has proven to be quite a challenge. (The human has lots of slashes in her fingers and clothing to prove it.)  We still have a few days of eye ointment to go. Hopefully the miserable excuse for a human will eventually be forgiven and trusted again. Time will tell.


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Chair Gymnastics

The human got new ladder-back chairs for the kitchen last year.  Unfortunately, she unwittingly got some that have fewer back slats spaced further apart than the old chairs. That’s only a problem for the Merry Pepster, who loves to roll around on the chair seat and often ends up rolling off the back since there no longer is a slat to stop him. His morning calisthenics routine involves lots of rolling around and nuzzling the chair back,  often with an unplanned exit off the back or sides.  If the human is paying proper attention, she can often stop him from rolling off the chair.  However, if she’s busy checking email, eating breakfast, or otherwise preoccupied, Pepe either has to stand up and tap her on the arm or shoulder or risk a tumble.<<Silly human needs so much watching!>>



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Get with the Program or Get Fired!

<<Human! Get with the program. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and we want food!>>  <<Sassy Face? You’re calling me sassy? You don’t even want to hear the things I’m thinking about you right now! In fact, you couldn’t handle it!>>  <<What do you mean, ‘eat the food left from breakfast?’ If we wanted to eat that food, we’d have done so hours ago.>> <<Diet is a dirty word. Don’t repeat it anymore.>>  <<If you don’t want us to eat the tasty food you buy, why buy tasty food? Sometimes you make no sense at all, human!>>  <<I’m suffering so much right now.  My stomach is turning inside out with hunger. I’m not over-fed, I’m bloated with malnutrition.>>   <<If she’s not going to feed us, might as well get a bath. Do you think we could trade for a better human?>>




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Afternoon Gifts

The human was on the phone talking with a client. All of a sudden, she heard a cat wail. <<‘Is that in your house or mine,’ the human asked?>> <<‘It’s not in mine,’ the other human said.>> <<‘Hang on a moment while I check that no one’s been murdered’ said the human of this house.>> She stuck her head out of her office and found Miss Macaroni. At the Girly Girl’s feet sat a toy mouse.  <<Oh, what a nice present.>> <<Oh, you’ve deigned to notice me human? See if I bring you entertainment tomorrow afternoon.>>  It’s a good thing that many of the human’s clients also work out of their homes and also are owned by furry people.



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Cat Bodies per Square Meter

Yes, it’s the trio modeling just how many fully-stretched-out cat bodies you can comfortably fit in a single kitty bed at one time.  Of course, when the human and her camera got too close, The Big C put on his scowly face.  Even the Smirky One looks a bit aggrieved.


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Should We Take Her Back?

<<Might as well. Litter boxes need cleaning…>>

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Enough is Enough


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