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Blanket Sculptor

The bed really was made when the human left the room early in the morning. However, it’s getting quite chilly of late and Pepe the blanket sculptor likes to dig down and sleep on the softer, warmer blankets. And notice the twinky twins in the pink puff?

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Camouflage Kitty

When the human walked in unexpectedly and startled him, Pepe had opted for the rare camouflage look on a black & white blanket in one of the kitty beds instead of digging an opening in the bedding and sliding under the blankets and sheet for a snooze. Fortunately, all the human did was snap a pic and then move on her way (no paws were petted or heads kissed), so the Pepster was able to return to his sleep. <<<Whew!>>>

(c) Copyright 2022, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

What is Corky Doing?

The human had dried the bedding outside on the lines, which leaves them with a delightful “outdoor” smell. The 2-legged had subsequently stripped and remade the bed with the yummy-smelling sheets and duvet. The human thinks that Corky was running his nose along the edge of the fabric, much as he does to items that need a bit more drying inside and are draped over blankets on the upstairs bannister. Still, even for Corky, it was an odd sight.

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When You Really, Really, Really Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

Sometimes it’s not easy getting started with your day. The human was stuck because she couldn’t finish making the bed. The Big Guy was determined that he was not going to move.

Making the bed around the big kitty did not seem to change his mind. He just sat there looking cute…and aggrieved.

The human could hardly blame him, as the 2-legged had a hard time getting out of bed herself. The awful heat and humidity had broken briefly and everyone was enjoying a couple of days of blessed cool with low humidity.

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A Special Gift

Yes, the mean human is always telling tales out of turn about the kitties. However, what do the kitties do to show their love and affection for the strange two-legged? Why they leave one of their toy mice right on her pillows while she’s off working. <<Who says we don’t appreciate her?>>




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Pepe Demonstrates Self-Isolation

In the spirit of “flattening the curve,” Pepe demonstrates the technique of self-isolation early in the morning.



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Pepe Feels Under the Weather

The Pepster had a short-lived episode this past weekend when he didn’t feel good. He started the day by tossing his cookies on the bed at 4 am. <<Argh!>> He just laid around moping the rest of the day. However, by evening, he was following Mac around the house and acting a bit better. The next day he was 85% of the way back to normal.  He sang songs and slept next to the human.  However, by morning 3, he was fully returned to his silly self. He attacked the sheets when the human tried to make the bed and attacked her hand when she tried to pet him. He was back on his chair complaining about being bored and asking to be entertained throughout breakfast. So good to have the Pepe Monster feeling well again.


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Leave My Paws Alone, Evil Human!

This weekend the human washed and hung the kitty blankets out to dry in the great outdoors. The kitties LOVE the smell and feel of freshly laundered blankets. Finding Missy Mao lounging in one of the beds whose blanket had just been replaced, the human just had to get some pics. Unfortunately, once again the evil human focused on her paws and that made Little Mac a bit nervous.  She got prepared to make a hasty retreat in case the human got a little too up close and personal with her feet.



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Where’s that Tricksy Human’s Paw?

Pepe Monster was having a bit of fun. He kept ducking under the blanket and batting at the tricksy human’s paw as she tried to tickle him. <<With a face like that, can you blame me?>>Of course, keeping his eyes covered by the fabric has its distinct disadvantages when it comes to knowing where to swat — especially when he also leaves lots of tickle-prone body parts unprotected. <<Sometimes it’s important to take a peek outside just to figure out where the tickle finger is.>><<…Then it’s back to duck and swat all over again.>>Pepe can keep up this game for 15 minutes or more — far longer than the human with her short attention span and myriad chores to perform before work. <<Where’s she go?>>



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How Not to Make a Bed…Quickly

The silly human tried to make the bed.  The monster had other ideas.  First he slid under the flap of sheet folded over the blankets and duvet cover. Next he started poking paws out at the human from under the fabric. Of course, those back feet got into the action as well.  The human has learned to keep fingers and hands away from the worst of the kicking.  Eventually the monster tired and lay still. However, he made sure to slide one forepaw outside the blankets just in case he had to react quickly to more human mischief.


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Stealing the Attention

Pepe was on the freshly made bed rolling around at the junction where the sheet and blankets fold over the duvet cover.  He was enjoying the pets and attention the human was lavishing upon him.  All of a sudden, Mac jumped up and demanded some attention too.  Pepe, who doesn’t like to share, wasn’t pleased. Since the human began splitting her attentions between both tuxedos, Pepe got up and left in a huff.


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The Monster under the Bed is Now IN the Bed!

The human was trying to make the bed. <<Silly human!>> Pepe had other ideas.  He slid across the surface and put his head under a fold of sheets and blankets. Over onto his back he went with legs kicking. The human tried tickling him, which led to flailing paws and fake biting attempts.  Do you see the little kitty face peering out at the tricksy human? Aren’t those toes cute? Eventually the Monster tired and lay still, although he kept one paw out just in case.



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His Majesty

The human was trying to make the bed. Caesar wasn’t budging.  So His Majesty was (sort of) made into the bed. He posed in a regal fashion.  At least she didn’t mess with his paws.



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Princess Juno Reclines in Luxury

Since Krang has gotten some coverage on the blog lately, it’s only fair that Princess Juno gets some space as well. (Krang is a hairless Sphynx and Juno is an angora. Between them both, they probably have a normal cat’s amount of fur.) Junipurr seems to love her newly adopted brother and they have a great time playing together. They are out-of-state cousins to the Penta Pack. And like her cousins, she loves to cuddle in the soft human bedding.


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos courtesy of M. Ray.

Don’t You Even THINK About Touching my Paws

The Merkitty was adamant.  The human was to keep her cotton-pickin’ hands off her fur and especially her paws.  Note the architecturally elegant blanket sculpture in the background? When the human made up the bed that morning, the blankets were all smoothed down flat. What Mac and Fireball and Pepe do to blankets is a wonder indeed.


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Keeping a Human Around is So Much Work…

The Pepster works hard to make sure the lazy human drags her bones out of bed first thing in the morning. He wants to be fed, and she needs encouragement to leave the kitty nest and get moving in the cold and dark.  Once his work duties are done for the day, Pepe retires to the kitty nest and enjoys the far-infrared heat until mid-afternoon, when it’s time to roust the human from her office and get her to dole out some snacks.  <<Honestly, being responsible for the care and training of a human is just SO MUCH WORK! On the other hand, she has opposable thumbs that are so helpful opening canned food, and she’s the only one in the house willing to clean the litter boxes…>>


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Y-A-W-N !

Pepe was just sitting in his little blanket cave, seemingly minding his own business.  All of a sudden, he was overcome with a huge yawn.  Once that was over, it was time to wash his face. It gets so dirty just laying around on soft blankets all day.


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Winterized Cat

Pepe just loves digging a hole between the blankets and the pillows. This is a calculated move.  By moving blankets out of the way, he gets more direct access to the far-infrared heating pad that the human keeps running day and night on the bed during cold weather.  Plus, the blankets and flannel sheets fold up around him and keep him even more comfy. In winter, it’s important to conserve one’s strength and effort.



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Blanket Sculpting Culprits?

Initially it was Fireball playing architect with the kitty blankets. Then Mac got involved sculpting fleece in the kitty beds too. When the human’s own blankets starting getting the treatment, the human suspected them. However, it’s always Pepe alone or Caesar and Pepe that the human finds in the blanket cave made with her bedding. Perhaps a third architect is now at work sculpting. 



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New Architectural Wonders

Interestingly, the human’s own bedding has been getting the architectural treatment of late. Although the human is very diligent about making up her bed as soon as she gets out of it in the morning, a few hours later when she walks upstairs, she’s been finding this kind of structure. It would appear that one of the kitties is making a kitty cave out of the human’s own blankets.  As you can see, this kitty cave is adjacent to another of the kitty caves made from layers of fleece in one of the kitty beds. There’s always something new and interesting going on in this house.



(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.