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Category: Bed Making

Morning Ballet

This is Pepe performing his morning ballet.  He loves to lay at the very edge of the bed and dangle not just limbs but also his head.  When he sees he has the human’s attention, he starts rolling around, making the human worry he’ll roll off at any moment.  Given that the human’s bed is quite tall — it requires an extra-deep bed skirt that is at least 44 inches/112 cm high, and then there is the added height of the mattress — the prospect that he’ll take a tumble while he’s being silly is no laughing matter.  The Pepster is not deterred and returns to dangling.


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


Does this Look Comfortable?

Pepe sleeps in the strangest positions. Does this look comfortable to you?  It must be for him as he sleeps like this for hours on end — occasionally flipping fully onto his back and putting his forepaws into the air.


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Tight Sheets


In this house, some kitties really take their responsibilities very seriously. For instance, Pepe is very determined to make sure the human does a good job stripping and then remaking the bed. If the Pepster thinks the human has made any errors, he quickly lets her know. One way he tells is by leaping and sliding across the bed and then attacking the sheets. If there is a pile of wrinkles where he lands, then the sheets weren’t pulled tightly enough.  Another favorite technique is to roll back and forth over the fabric and see what happens.  <<It’s unfortunate that the human isn’t more focused on quality control herself because a poorly-made bed can lead to bedsores. However, what can you really expect from a 2-legged?>>



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Sheet Tester

The human tried to make the bed. The cat had to test out the sheets. <<Yes, they have about the right level of tension. No wrinkles here.>> Next, the blankets were up for inspection. <<All the layers are pulled up to the top of the bed, although they are folded very poorly.>> The human received so-so marks at bedmaking.  The cat will counsel her again tomorrow. <<Only through practice and coaching can you hope to improve!>>


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Bedmaking QC

The human changed the sheets.  This, of course, meant it was time to help the human make the bed — and ensure she did the job right!
First, Caesar got involved.  He held down the sheets so the human could get a tight pull to ensure there were no wrinkles. He’s really generous that way.  Next, Pepe got into the action.  He explored the various layers of blankets to make sure all layers were pulled up to the top of the bed. Wouldn’t want any wrinkles there either.  The quality control (QC) experts were hard at work. <<Such a lucky human!>> 


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

The Blanket Curler

Fireball has an odd trick that he seems to be teaching to the other cats. Instead of laying on top of a kitty bed and enjoying the sometimes multiple layers of fleece blankets the human has draped over the structure, he digs until he gets a corner of the blanket (or blankets) lifted and then he slides under the fabric and mixes away.  Must remind him of his mother’s tummy.  Once he departs the kitty bed, the blankets remain all askew. He’s now got Mac doing the same thing, which means the human has to work at bringing order back to the kitty beds twice a day.  In this picture, he’s come back to a bed he’s previously rolled the blanket up on top of, but this time he’s actually sleeping on the side with the curling blanket. Cats!


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Why are You Bothering Me?

Needless to say, the human didn’t have a good answer…or at least one that was acceptable to Miss Mu.


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Rolling Out the Feathers

The silly human found a down comforter she’d put away and forgotten about. She pulled it out, fluffed it up, and added it to the bed.  Of course, Pepe had to come along and make sure that the feathers were properly aligned and not too fluffy. It’s a good thing someone’s watching out for the 2-legged. Clearly, she can’t figure out these things on her own.

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Between a Pillow and a Pillow

At the foot of the human’s bed, the kitties have a wide swath of fake-fur fabric that they adore.  There also are 2 small pillows strategically placed to cushion little kitty heads and faces as they sprawl across that fabric. They love those little pillows.  During bed-making duties, the human apparently did not properly distribute the pillows one day recently. When she came back upstairs, she found Corky literally wedged between the two pillows. (Perhaps having pillows on the front and back of Corky’s body felt comforting — like lying in one of the kitty beds.) It looked so cute that the human had to shoot a few photos. Miraculously, Corky sat still and posed for 3 shots.  Notice the nice new green collar?  He too is now wearing a sparkly adornment, which helps Fireball know when either he or his brother Corky are trying to sneak up on the Little Red Bee.


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How Not to Strip a Bed

It’s not just bed making that’s fun in this house, it’s also bed stripping. The human went to change sheets on two beds last week and had loads of help from the Pepster for both jobs. As the human tried to roll and pull the sheets together, he had to jump into the middle of them and spin around. Pretty soon he was wrapped up in the sheets. Then the real fun began. There were lots of cuffy paws that attacked human fingers and hands. See, there really were monsters under the bed. And now they’re on top of the bed and hiding in the bedding.Of course, in between attacks, that silly face reappeared and dared the human to do something about the menace. This position (above) is called “sassy face.” It’s usually accompanied by much chattering. Yes, Pepe does feel good about himself.  Cute behaviors like these are definitely not conducive to getting an early start on the work day.  Ah well, eventually the silly 2-legged did get both beds stripped and remade.  Getting to work early is so overrated anyway.


(c) Copyright 2017, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.