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Double Trouble

The two tuxedo kitties were found sitting together on the top level of the downstairs kitty condo the other day. Clearly, something interesting must have happening out on the deck.  You just never know what nefarious creature might show up.  There are frequently squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. Less often there’ll be a woodchuck or a raccoon or even an opossum looking for something edible in the potted plants (or just being plain old destructive for the fun of it).  And it’s not unheard of for the herd of deer that wander through the yard each day to have a member stick a head over the railing and eat some tasty flowers or vegetables. Fortunately for the human, there are 4-legged guards on patrol at all hours. <<It’s handled, human. Be off and let us do our job!>>


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Can You Identify this Mystery Creature?

It was found on the kitchen floor one evening. At first the creature appeared shy because it hid in a bag, but soon a head appeared much like a turtle leaving its shell.Later, the creature emerged, then reentered the bag head first.
Still unsure what kind of creature it is?
After checking out the bag thoroughly and completely, the creature conquered the bag by smashing it down and laying on top of it. Ah, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a job well done!
Have you guessed yet? It’s the Pepe Meister, of course!



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What have we here?

The human was picking up the other morning and noticed that something was sticking out of the track on the side of the upstairs scratching disc. Upon closer inspection, it became obvious that one of the cats had pushed a relatively new catnip-stuffed toy, which hadn’t seen much action, into the track. (Those are Corky’s cute toes in both photos, by the way.)Now why do you suppose they did that? It actually must have taken some work to stuff the toy into the track. And why? They love chasing the ball around the track.  Cats…they truly are such mysteries.


(c) Copyright 2017, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Attack of the Fluffernutter!

<<I tolerated that new human last night, but this is too much. >>
<<My own human has abandoned me for work and left this stranger in my house.>><<Ah, she’s playing with me. >><<Well, if she dangles the strap from her phone I’m certainly going to chase it.>><<Maybe she’s not so bad, but I’m still mad at my human for bringing her here without asking me.>><<I hate being left alone and I hate not being consulted. What does she think I am — a dog?>>
<<Don’t answer!>>



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Shell Game

img_4219The clumsy human knocked a small bottle off on the floor this morning while moving a box in search of some more shampoo before showering. Of course, the bottle went down between the wall and a cabinet, necessitating that she get down on hands and knees, move some items out of the way, and search for the bottle.  And what did she find on the floor besides the dropped bottle?  Why a whole collection of shells that normally sit in an iridescent bowl on top of the counter by the sink.  What were those shells doing out of the bowl and on the floor?  The human’s theory is that the Table Thief (aka Pepe) has moved operations and has been cuffing them out of the bowl.  They certainly LOOK like they’d be ideal for chasing around on the floor. He must have been so frustrated when he lobbed them over the edge of the counter and lost them between two cupboards. Actually, it’s a wonder they didn’t shatter when hitting the ceramic tile. Cats!img_4218By the way, happy Valentine’s day to 2- and 4-leggeds all.


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A NEW Mama-Fur Blanket

img_4094The human’s friend gave her some gifts for the kitties:  a bag of corks and a piece of Berber fabric (which she’d previously used to sew cat and dog beds).img_4090When the dim 2-legged got home, she tossed all the corks out on the floor and waited expectantly to see if anyone could be coaxed into playing with them. Fat chance!img_4091However, when she put the fabric on the floor . . . well, you can just see how that went over.img_4093Clearly, the fabric arrived with some interesting scents.img_4095And the kitties were keen to explore this new object.img_4096Later, the human draped it across the bottom of the bed. The kitties have been taking turns laying on it, mixing and singing up a storm. I think we’ve found another Mama-Fur blanket!img_4097Oh, and the corks? They’re starting to get some attention, but only at night when the human can’t see the cats playing.


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Bag Baby

img_3981Okay, hard as it is to believe, the Trio is nearly universally afraid of paper bags and boxes, although Mac did once destroy a beautiful big box by treating it as a giant shredding post. On the other hand, she did all her shredding on the outside of the box, not by going inside it.img_3982Among the duo, Pepe has discovered the joys of a number of boxes, and more recently he’s gotten into paper bags with handles. Case in point, the human brought home some organizing tools recently and offered the paper bag the items left the store in to the kitties. Pepe the Adventurous checked it out right away and ran inside.  Soon, he could be seen making a flying run across the slick Pergo floor and sliding paws first into the bag, which of course then slide several feet further in the same direction. It wasn’t long before the bag that had been in the kitchen was all the way to the far wall in the next room. In between diving and sliding sessions, Pepe has been peeking out of the bag like Kilroy.  Those kitties are just so much fun!


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Too Good to Behave for Very Long

IMG_3503The non-functioning slate & copper fountain in the living room had already been trashed by Mac.  The stones were gone, the bowl was emptied, but the fountain was still sitting where it had been before she discovered this entertaining diversion.IMG_3504The other day, the human was cranking away on the keyboard in her work cave when she heard that awful sound of metal plates being moved around. She tiptoed into the living room with her camera in hand. Sure enough the Merkitty was busy at work in the fountain.IMG_3505She’d discovered that the small flat plate on top could be moved around. What fun!  And she had an audience to boot.IMG_3506A bit of work with the clever paws and pretty soon she figured out how to move the round “collar” underneath out of the way as well.IMG_3507<<You have an issue, human?>>IMG_3508The collar hid a plastic tube that used to hook to the water pump.  She decided she HAD to get that tube out and investigate.IMG_3509The evil human nabbed the clear tube as soon as the Merkitty had excavated it. It was just the right size to bite and run around with, and possibly to swallow. After $1000 USD of vet bills in one month, the human had had enough unexpected expenses for a while.IMG_3510The Merkitty went back to her digging.  The human put the flat plate on the bottom of the big bowl and the collar on top of that. While it was harder to move the pieces around now, the Watery One was not discouraged so easily.  IMG_3511Those clever little paws are just always up to no good! Besides, the pieces still moved and that was good for messing with the human.IMG_3512Eventually, the fun wore off and the Merkitty climbed into the fountain to see what fun that would bring. The slate piece slammed down and the bowl tipped up on its side. That made enough racket that she scooted away and the human ran out once again to see if she could fix the fountain.IMG_3513So far so good:  there have been no return visits since the fountain ended up on its side. The human knows better than to think that will last, but at least for now it’s quiet again.


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Finally, A Decent New Toy

IMG_3419The human finally scored a few points with her feline captors the other day.IMG_3415She’d been in her favorite pet-food store and found some cute feather wands comprised of lush curly iridescent feathers, brightly colored tinsel, and a tiny bell attached to a long plastic stick.  The wands were on clearance, so she bought two.  IMG_3417As you can see from the pics, the wands are a hit both upstairs and down.
IMG_3412And did you hear mention that there are bells attached to both wands? You may recall that bells are normally a no-no in this house.IMG_3411 However, for some reason, the bells on the wands don’t scare anyone, and the feathers are proving very entertaining for everyone except Fireball (who used to be completely feather obsessed) and Corky (who always has better things to do than be social with the other cats).



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And More Box Babies…

IMG_3392Speaking of boxes, the human picked up her parental unit a nice pair of boots on clearance the other day. The boots were housed in half of a long box (with no lid). The box was too flimsy (even if it had a lid) to risk shipping the boots home in, so the human gave the long box to the cats to play with while packaging the boots away in a larger box headed east.IMG_3401Interestingly, this particularly box was immediately claimed by Pepe Monster. It’s just the perfect size to allow someone of his length and girth to stretch out in. Perhaps the high sides make him feel like he’s hiding from the other cats.  It’s also just the right size to chase toys around in, something the human quite quickly grasped. Off she went to retrieve a clear marble she’d found on the floor and tossed it into the box. Pepe dove and lunged and chased the clear marble all over the box having a grand old time with it. That is, until the Merkitty showed up to see what was going on. She stood outside the box and checked things out while he reclined for a bit of well-earned rest.IMG_3398It wasn’t long before she started putting those devilishly clever paws of hers to work. She soon was scooping and tossing the marble up in the air and quite quickly launched it out of the box. Fortunately the human was right there the first time it happened so retrieved the marble and returned it to Pepe and the box. IMG_3399Back went the Merkitty, and soon the marble was released from its prison and was being chased madly across the kitchen floor. It took less than 2 minutes for Mac to lose it under the corner cabinet, where it likely will be lost until the human finally decides to move.IMG_3400Looking for other toys, the human tossed in a pen cap, which Pepe thoroughly trounced. Then she tossed in one of his toys that is normally tied to his kitchen chair. That turned out to be great fun as on one end he could chase the catnip-filled worm and on the other end a nice long cord.  The human, keen to please her captors, has introduced all manner of small and large balls and other chase-able objects over the last week, but most don’t seem to enjoy the interest that the marble and pen cap got. Nonetheless, Pepe is still cavorting in his box, much to the interest of the other cats. The human hasn’t seen anyone else actually climb in, although the fishy one does like to stick her paws in and see what trouble that brings.

So after years of having no interest in boxes of any kind, the human has lucked out and found 2 in the past 2 weeks that pass muster.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.